Tuesday Vibes by Chronondo

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Tuesday Vibes = Classic Look!

Actually I have already seen this brown colored coat at ZARA in Cologne couple of weeks ago, but at first sight it did not impress me at all. Since brown has never been my favourite color at all. You know, brown on brown colored skin like me? Mmh, not sure about that. Never ever!

During my last holiday for the nerw year’s eve in London I accidentally saw the similar coat at Massimo Dutti and I did know why, I just wanted to give it a try and put the coat on. Surprinsingly, it’s not bad at all though. But unfortunately my size S was already sold out, since they had 70% OFF for all items.

Back to my hometown Cologne, I just could not get this coat out of my hea. So I decided to go ZARA on the next day. And voila, the same coat was still there! No discussion anymore, the coat is MINE!

And now I am soooooo in love with my new coat! By the way, the color brown symbolizes convention, stability and above all earth. In other words: It is a classic colour which lend you a classic and elegant style.

Never say never!

What about you guys? Is there any colour you don’t like and you will never ever wear it? But at the end you will be surprised by the result, how good it does look on YOU?

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