The Fall of the Wall and Nomos Glashuette

Köln – This is one of the Nomos Orion series from the year 2014. This beautiful watch was a special edition to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the German Unification.

Today, October 3rd is the public holiday in Germany and I would like to celebrate it with my own “way”.

I bought this special watch 1 year ago at Wempe in the lovely city of Dresden and wanted to have the serial number 4711 (The first eau de cologne producer worldwide in Cologne), but unfortunately this serial number was no longer available.

10 months later the watch started working unproperly, this watch was always 2 minutes faster than it is supposed to be. And so I brought it to Wempe since it still has 2 years warranty.

It took 2 months until I got my watch from Wempe back. The overhaul was completely free of charge and Wempe also added a brand new Nomos strap.

Wow, I was impressed by the perfect service of Wempe. Furthermore they gave me an extra Wempe watch – also free of charge.

Cologne, October 3rd 2015 17:00 O’clock


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