Ferdinand & David: The Travelmaster

The Travelmaster throughout Morocco!

Travelling is one of the best ways to get to know the world much better and exploring different countries throughout the world has definitely enriched my cultural experiences.

After exploring Tunisia last April, I recently got a chance to travel throughout Morocco for 2 weeks.

For this round trip I definetely need a reliable companion and my choice has fallen! My travel mate would be the new Travelmaster from Ferdinand & David.

Ferdinand & David is a young watchmaker from Hamburg who was able to launch their very first timekeeper after gaining funds on crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

The creators of the brand

Ferdinand & David has been exisiting since 2016 and the brand name is the combination of 2 middle names of the founders: Julius FERDINAND Moehrle and Lennart DAVID Schulz.

The idea behind this new brand: creating an affordable and fashionable premium watches “Made in Germany“. Et voila! The Travelmaster was born as the very first family member.

The founders of Ferdinand & David: Julius Möhrle und Lennart Schulz

The founders of Ferdinand & David: Julius Möhrle und Lennart Schulz

Facts about the Travelmaster

Well, thousand words can not describe how this Travelmaster works. So, you better check the following image as the picture says its all, right?

(c) Ferdinand & David

(c) Ferdinand & David

WOWs of the Travelmaster

Let’s talk about some WOWs of this timekeeper from Ferdinand & David. For me it is not only a cool companion for my journey – as it has a GMT feature, so that I won’t miss the time in my homeland Indonesia, but also an elegant accessoire for upcoming festive moments such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

As I am a person who gets bored quickly, I love changing my outfits or accessoires everyday. And it applies to my watches too: I prefer changing the straps on my own rather than bring my watches to local jewelleries.

Ferdinand & David enables us to change the straps on our own, because of its “Quick Release Strap” feature. Isn’t it exciting?

How and where to order the Travelmaster?

Recently, the Travelmaster collection is available in 2 different styles: rose gold plated or steel, either with the atlantic blue dial or carbon black dial.

I honestly prefer wearing the rose gold version with the atlantic blue dial, as you will get an eyecatching effect.

Starting from Euro 309,- for the steel version or Euro 339,- for the rose plated one makes the Travelmaster definitely as one of the most affordable premium watches Made in Germany. Click HERE to order the Travelmaster!


Last but not least, here are some impressions of me wearing the Travelmaster throughout Morocco!

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