Futuristic Look à la Chronondo

Futuristic Look à la Chronondo

For today’s outfit I chose the topic “Futuristic Look“. Thinking of future fashion, I got silver, white and dazzling coloured outfits in mind. For this reason I combined a silver jacket from Peuterey with a simple white shirt from Hugo Boss Black Label.

Well, I have not worn my green pant from REVIEW since months, and now I had finally a chance to put it on. Isn’t it an eyecather, especially in cold rainy January? Where most of people wear dark coloured pants.

The sun shines in my lovely city – Cologne, but hell yeah, it’s stil cold outside and I guess, it won’t be a clever idea and comfortable to wear a flip-flop, right? So I decided to combine my outfit with my favourite black boots from Prada. Well, not only just because they are literally very comfortable, but the main reason is to keep my feet warm.

By theway, how do you guys start your Monday? Here is a Monday’s reminder for you all: That you are all AMAZING and you can handle EVERYTHING!

Wish you all a successful new week!

Bag by Hipsterando  Anker Ohne Grund

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