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Guidelines how to insert your items

Chronondo marketplace was actually created for Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but after receiving some inquiries from English speaking countries, I would like to give you a guidelines “How to insert items on Chronondo?“.

I am working on the English version of Chronondo Marketplace, but until then you may sell your watches or accessories on Chronondo’s German version.

These 8 steps are very simple to be followed!


2. Select the brand

All watch brands from A to Z are listed on chronondo. For accessories e.g. bag, wallet, scarf, suitcase please select ACCESSOIRES.

Please note that Chronondo will only approve and activate branded items such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Rimowa, Massimo Dutti, Balenciaga, Hermés etc.

The receipt of the purchase or the letter of the authenticity should be available too, otherwise the items will not be activated by Chronondo.


3. Title & description

Once you selected the brand, you need to scroll down until you find “PAKET BESCHREIBUNG”.

Make sure that you include the price of the item in the description. You can describe in German or English.

4. Condition (ZUSTAND)

Select the condition of the item. There are only 3 options you may choose

  • Gebraucht = Worn
  • NEU = NEW
  • Ungetragen = Unworn

5. Origin of the item

You can decide if you want to put the complete address or only the city and/or the country.

6. Upload photos

You can upload up to 15 pictures for your item. It is recommended to upload the copy of the receipt of the purchase or the letter of the authenticity.

7. Click on KOSTENLOS, accept the policies and INSERIEREN


Once Chronondo approved your insertion, the item will be ONLINE!


For German speaking users please read this article

Uhren weltweit kostenfrei verkaufen


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