The Very First Mister Watches Awards 2021

The Oscar Awards for CEOs!

We all know the annual ceremony of Oscar Awards in watchmaking GPHG (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève) which is dedicated to honour watches in different categories. Only the choosen judges consist of watch experts/nerds and journalists could vote the winners, which makes this ceremony more exclusive, very formal and yeah, almost “untouchable” for most of us.

But what about honouring the CEOs in watchmaking industry? Their contributions (Inputs, business strategies and social media appearance) for their companies surely play a big role in achieving more popularity or success of their brands.

I am iniating this to show people who have never had something to do with watches before, that watch industry can also be very fun and entertaining as music or film industry. Music world has their Grammy Awards whereas film industry spreads glamours with Academy/Oscard Awards. And YOU guys can participate on this by giving your votes.

Please also note that some CEOs are nominated in more than one category.

Which categories, Mr. Watches?

You can vote for the following categories in my Instagram ( until the end of March:

  1. Mr. Dapper
  2. Mr. Humble
  3. Women Power
  4. “I have a Supermodel Face”
  5. “I got no hair, but I am SEXY!”
Mr. Watches Award for Supermodel 2021 "I got a Supermodel Face!"

Mr. Watches Award for Supermodel 2021 “I got a Supermodel Face!”

Who are the nominees?

1. Mister Dapper


2. Mister Humble


3. Women Power

On Instagram the watch family suggested me to award all the 5 nominees. Of course it would be more than fair to acknowledge their remarkable works in a men dominated watch business by giving each of these special women ONE award.

But as I only got 1 “Oscar” for this category, there will only be ONE winner.

Based on the polling on my Instagram, this lady received 30% of the votes which made her to be the Women Power 2021.

And the Mr. Award 2021 in the category Women Power goes to Christine Hutter, the CEO of Moritz Grossmann from Glashuette in Sachsen, Germany.


4. Supermodel – “I have a Supermodel Face!”

Based on the polling on my Instagram account, 41 out of 83 votes went to Kenneth Arken (CEO Arken).


5. Mr. Sexy – “I got no hair, but I’m SEXY!

As predicted, most of watch fam voted for the Pope of watches and the CEO of all CEOs in the watch industry.

This award goes to one and only Jean-Claude Biver!

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