Hands-On: Spinnaker BRADNER

A green day with Spinnaker BRADNER

One of the fashion No-Go’s in Germany is when you combine your blue pant with a green jacket.

Grün und Blau schmückt die Sau” or more like “Never combine green with blue”. I have no idea who came up with this idea?
Some No-Go’s are really old-fashioned and this proverb “Never combine green with blue” is simply not up to date anymore.

And for today’s outfit I choosed my blue pant and green jacket on purpose, because breaking the old fashioned rule is more than fun 🙂

Of course, for my fancy green coloured jacket I need an accessory that matches to it. BRADNER with its green dial is not only an eye-catching and robust companion, but this vintage signature collection from Spinnaker definitely suits my today’s outfit well!

And by the way: Green is the new black!

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