5 Outfits Within 24 Hours

How Did It Work? 5 Outfits Within 24 Hours?

Some of you have surely experienced this situation already, you are having a short trip or weekend travel and concerned about appropriate outfits. So, how many outfits do you normally pack for a 24 hours trip? How many shoes? Which jacket and the most important thing is, which colour? Yes, this could be very stressfull!

This happened to me during my trip to Berlin mid of July 2017. I got a chance to join Carl F. Bucherer for a world premiere of Atomic Blonde with Charlize Theron.

Surely I advoid wearing only one outfit for my one day trip in Berlin. But why that? To be honest I have no specific idea, but in the last 5 years I get used to put 2 different outfits within 8 hours. Does it sound crazy?

Simply because I have sooooooo much fun in combining different colours – of jackets, shoes, pants, trousers etc. What about you?

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So let’s get to the point, these are the outfits I put on within 24 hours!

July 17th, 2 PM – Arriving in Berlin

July 17th, 7 PM – Get ready for the black carpet!

July 18th, 8 AM – Breakfast Outfit. Let’s get BLUED!

July 18th, 9:30 AM – Exploring Outfit


July 18th, 2 PM – Welcome Back to Cologne with Black Dress

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

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