Happy Birthday, Chronondo

Time To Celebrate!

It’s August 17th! For me it is not only the 78th Indonesian’s Independence Day (my homeland), but also the 8th anniversary of Chronondo.

The day I launched my blog Chronondo on August 17th 2015, I would never expect that the watch community would ever care about what I am doing.

“Watches meet Fashion and Lifestyle”  was the credo for Chronondo from the beginning and it remains the same – at least until now.

Well, actually there is a “small” change since 2 years, let’s say: the COVID-19 forced me (indirectly) to join TikTok and I gotta say, I have so much fun creating contents on TikTok.

Surprisingly I gain my watch community on this app from China much faster than on Instagram.

Within 2 years I gained nearly 200K supporters and on Instagram “only” 124K within 8 years.

Please allow me to say THANK YOU to all of the watch enthusiasts out there for the loyal support.

Happy Birthday, Chronondo!




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