OW Weitzmann BAVARIA – Made In Germany!

Today I got a chance to write a short review about a wristwatch Made in Germany. This so called “BAVARIA” is one of the series made by Otto Weitzmann, a watch manufacturer based in Augsburg. For those of you who have never been to Germany before, Augsburg is a city located in Swabia, Bavaria.

This rosé-coloured piece measures 42mm in diamater and is only about 7mm thick, making its optic much more elegant.

The white dial makes this watch looks bigger and for this reason is this serie preferred by men, but nowadays women love wearing XXL wristwatches too – as seen a lot on Instagram.

Some of you might wear different wristwatches match suitable occasions. But which outfit does match better with this watch? YOU decide!

Well, to be honest this Bavaria by OW Weitzmann can be versatile and be worn at any time or occasion, BUT for me personally it matches CASUAL outfit better.

But at the end it is your own decision as long as you feel comfortable with it.

  • This article is sponsosed by Otto Weitzman
  • Pictures and Text by Dan Widanarto for Chronondo
  • For German article simply click ON IT

BAVARIA x Business outfit

Bavaria x Casual


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