Saint Royale: When Gold and Black collide

Black is the new gold or gold is the new black?

How often we heard about the slogans Black is the new gold or maybe the opposite Gold is the new black in the fashion industry? But what about combining those 2 magic colours?

Saint Royale: When Gold And Black Collide

Saint Royale  makes this mixture possible by using the 2 strong colours in their very first collection THE CONSTANTIN.

Established in 2017 Saint Royale is a new brand focused on delivering top quality timepieces with premium features for acceptable prices. The emphasis lies on producing timepieces that are fashionable, but also feature premium materials such as 316L stainlees steel and sapphire crystal combined with the most reliable and durable machanical movements on the market.


  • Phone: +31 85 002 42 03 (local tariffs apply)
  • Email:
  • Location: Riddersdreef 261, 2542XW, The Hague, The Netherlands


This is a cooperation article between Chronondo and Saint Royale

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