Corona memes be like…

It has been 3 months of lockdown and most of people spend their time on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok). TikTok is probably the world’s most popular app since the Corona outbreak.

Being creative, funny and entertaning is the key of success on TikTok to get our videos go viral. Since the lockdown on March 2020 we search for deflection which makes us laugh. And this is what makes TikTok gains so much popularity now.
Well, some say that this platform is only for kids. But since superstars as Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Heidi Klum, Justin Bieber, German World Cup-winning midfielder Mario Goetze and many more, the amount of adult users raises rapidly.

I have heard about TikTok since mid of 2019 and I was also thinking that this app is simply created for kids!

I joined TikTok on December 2019 and I have to admit that this is much cooler than Instagram, because we can express everything on our videos.

Trending videos on TikTok

#123Floor is one of the most trending hashtags in June and I simply wanna take a part on it. #123Floor is a trend started by Germany’s most popular TikTok-Star Falco Punch (8.6 Millions Followers). For this trend you can either post DANCING video or TRANSITION video.

World’s Most Expensive Mask

The idea is creating my own mask – DIY (Do it youself) for my #123Floor. Since I am a watch blogger, I have to keep the topic “watches”. Et voila: my own mask made of Nike sock with 4 Nomos watches on it.

Value of this DIY mask: EUR 8.000,- and is probably the most precious mask in the world?

And yeah, one more thing: this is just for fun!



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